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Your Admissions Guide
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Your Admissions Guide

You need to consult the administrative assistants Portia Zimu and Shanaaz Solomons about any administration queries or forms.

Change of curriculum forms must be filled in correctly and handed in before cut-off dates. (see notice boards for information on dates)

When visiting our offices, we would appreciate your patience and understanding while we are busy on the phone or with another student. Please check consultation hours and wait for an invitation before entering.

Please ensure that you know what you have registered for, as this is made available on the PeopleSoft site. After registration, you are responsible for checking that there are no errors.

You will receive a Handbook which is only issued to students in their first year. You must study the rules that apply to the degree you have registered for, emphasising meeting the readmission rules every year to progress to the next level.

You are to make sure that we have all the correct contact details for you, especially a phone number you can contact during term time (preferably a cell number) as there are times when we need to get hold of you urgently. Also, if you do not use the UCT e-mail address, you are to provide us with your e-mail address for correspondence. If you change your cell number at any stage, please let us know urgently.

Class meetings and workshops are a vital part of these programmes and are compulsory unless there are medical or compassionate reasons for staying away (please apologise to Sherry or Michelle as this reflects a sense of responsibility and respect).

When you need a leave of absence from the university, you are required to complete a concession form and hand it in at the Commerce Faculty Office after approval by the AD Coordinator. Please note that leave of absence is only granted on medical or compassionate grounds (please attach these documents to your concession form). If you decide to discontinue your studies, also please come and see Michelle Abrahams or Sherry Stuart.

Notices are regularly posted on VULA, and you will receive access by signing in with your student number and password. If you do not have a password, please ask for assistance at the COMLAB helpdesk.

If we are not available in our offices for a consultation, please send us an e-mail, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Remember that we are here to help and support you as far as we can, and if there are any problems you wish to talk about or need advice on, you can come to us, and we will listen and help where we can.