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Mentoring Programmes
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Mentoring Programmes

First year mentoring programme

The mentoring programme is an important component of welcoming you to the EDU family. All first years in the EDU will be allocated a senior EDU student as a mentor. These mentors will meet with you once a week in the first semester and less frequently in the second semester.

Frequently asked questions:

How does the mentoring programme work?

You will meet your mentor with other first year students. This will be an additional opportunity for you to get to know some of the other first year students who are in the same boat as you.

What will we talk about every week?

The topics that you talk about will related to things that are happening for you at university, whether that is managing your tutorials, signing up for societies, living in res, writing your first test or preparing for exams. You will be free to talk about what ever feels important to your group at that time.

How will I know who my mentor is?

Your mentor will be introduced to you during the EDU Induction in Orientation week.

Why do I need a mentor ?

The unfamiliar environment of UCT can be very overwhelming when you arrive. So many different challenges will be presented and the mentoring programme was designed to connect you with other students who are walking the same path as you. Your mentor is an experienced EDU student who has successfully negotiated the same obstacles and challenges you are facing and can give you first hand advice about how to manage those.

When do the mentoring sessions take place?

Between your group and your mentor, you will find a time in your timetable that suits everyone. This might also be at 08:00 or 09:00 in the morning when most students are free.

Who can join the mentoring programme?

All first-year student s that are registered for Step Up will participate in the mentoring programme.

What if I don’t want a mentor?

If you feel that you do not need a mentor you will have to opt out officially. You will have to write an email to Jean Luyt (jean.luyt@uct.ac.za) explaining why you no longer want to participate.

Contact Details

Mentoring Coordinator

Bonani Dube


Room 2.05 Leslie Commerce

021 650 5945

Mentor Supervisor