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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between EDU and the mainstream?

In the EDU you may be part of the augmented [BCom: 3 years / B Bus Sc: 4 years] or the extended [B Com: 4 years / B Bus Sc: 5 years] academic development degree programmes. The major benefits are as follows: 

(a) Your progress is monitored and you have a mentor in your first year.

(b) You have regular contact with the programme co-ordinator, where you can discuss and work out solutions to your day to day and academic concerns.

(c) There are regular opportunities to interact with your fellow students to develop and practice collaborative learning and communication skills.

(d) Specific support is provided in Language Development, Mathematics, Economics and Accounting.

(e) Academic workshops are offered during all levels in the programme.

(f) Senior AD students mentor 1st year students -Leadership skills are developed.

(g) A ‘Step Up' course is provided in your 1st year.

(h) A variety of interventions develop different skills throughout the degree.

(i) Yearly awards ceremonies acknowledge academic achievement.

(j) Your overall development and the nurture of graduate attributes are actively encouraged. 

Will I have a different degree to everyone else?

NO! It is important to remember that a student who has completed the requirements for the AD BusSc/BCom will be awarded exactly the same degree certificate as a student who has completed the mainstream BBusSc/ BCom. 

Do I have to extend my degree if I am accepted into the AD program?

This depends on your National School Leaving (NSC) results. You can be placed either in the augmented (3/4 year) programme or an extended (4/5 year) programme. 

How does one end up on the extended programme?

Depending on your National School Leaving (NSC) results, you may start on a 3/4 year programme, but at a later point there are opportunities for flexibility to extend your degree, should you need to do so. 

How do I get in?

You need to apply to the UCT Admissions Office stating the correct names and codes for the degrees in the EDU:a) Academic Development Bachelor of Commerce (in Accounting (CA); Information Systems, Economics and Statistics etc.) → CB011

b) Academic Development Bachelor of Business Science Management Studies (Quantitative management, Finance, Finance with Accounting, Computer Science, Information Systems, Economics etc.) → CB015

c) Academic Development Bachelor of Business Science Actuarial Science → CB018

d) Academic Development Bachelor of Commerce: Actuarial Science → CB020 

 What are the entry requirements?-

See AD Admissions requirements *IMPORTANT: It is compulsory for all applicants to write ALL THREE OF THE NATIONAL BENCHMARK TESTS: AL, QL and MATHEMATICS. 

How can I apply?

For general information about applying to UCT, including financial aid, scholarships and student housing contact the Admissions Office: 

Tel: 021 650 2128

Fax: 021 650 3736

Email: admissions@uct.ac.za

Further details and application forms are available on UCT's website: www.uct.ac.za