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Welcome to Education Development Unit (EDU)

We hope that this website will give you a real sense of what the Education Development Unit is about, whether you are considering applying to the unit, or if you are already in the unit.

We are a vibrant ‘family’, providing a ‘home-away-from-home’ where we provide a shared environment where you will be supported to maximise your chance of getting your degree and acquiring a range of graduate attributes and qualities that will stand you in good stead in your life, as well as your career.

Our aim is to be part of the development of well-rounded students who will acquire the appropriate skills to excel academically and contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of South Africa.

What is the Education Development Unit?

The Education Development Unit (EDU) Commerce is the home of the Academic Development (AD) B Com, B Bus Sc and Actuarial Science programmes. The unit generates the work of these programmes as well as working with a variety of education initiatives throughout the Commerce Faculty. These include tutor training, mentoring, the Commerce Education Group (CEG), workshops pertaining to teaching and learning and introducing a range of relevant skills and developing multiple forums to facilitate a supportive and reflective learning environment in the Commerce faculty.

The Academic Development Programmes

The AD programmes address the University policy of promoting both equity and excellence. The primary purpose is to attract and retain students who have experienced gaps and disparities in both education and life experiences. The AD programmes have been designed to allow completion of a B Bus Sc degree over a four or five year period and a B Com degree over a three or four year period. A range of additional experiences and value-added opportunities are offered. It also provides students with a variety of types of support that enhance a broad and comprehensive range of education and life skills.

Being a part of the EDU

We have a dedicated team of outstanding lecturers at first year level. Three lecturers have been awarded the university’s Distinguished Teacher Award and the Director of EDU has been given a National Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award from the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of South Africa (HELTASA).Many first year results outperform mainstream results and graduation rates are impressive.

Being on this programme means that your progress is monitored, you have regular contact with the AD Officer where you can develop solutions to your day-to-day and academic concerns. At first year you will have a mentor and a range of opportunities to interact with your fellow students to develop and practice collaborative learning and communication skills. Specific support exists in Language and development and Mathematics, as well as a range of additional interventions at varying levels and courses in the degree.

We focus on developing a range of graduate attributes. In addition, focus is on social responsibility, leadership and developing the rich variety of talents that the students bring to the university.

To apply directly to the programme, you will need to use the following codes:

  • B Com: CB011
  • B Bus Science: CB015
  • B Com (Actuarial Science): CB020
  • B Bus Science (Actuarial Science): CB018